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vherdey // sound engineer // music producer

I'm Vherdey and I am the sound engineer and music producer at Songbird Road Studios. I am a Middle Tennessee State graduate with a Bachelors in Music Industry and Business Management. My background in the music industry spans over 20 years. Now, I am applying all my knowledge and experience in helping serve songwriters and artists make their songs shine.


"Vherdey is incredibly kind, knowledgeable and encouraging. He takes his time to really understand the artist's vision, and has the talent and tools to get you there. The studio is a quaint, peaceful space - the perfect environment for creative exploration and elevation!"

- Lauren Hunt

"Thank you Songbird Road Studios!  I had such a blast recording with you and will be back for a second EP."

- Anthony Luciani

"What a fun time! I was nervous going into all this because I'm new to it...But Vherdey made me feel at home, giving me time to adjust and feel comfortable as we worked through my initial sessions."

- Mark Laney

rudy peyrani

sound engineer

music producer

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