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Terms and Conditions

By engaging our services, you certify that you have read and understood all the terms and conditions below and agree to them. Songbird Road Studios may update its terms and conditions at any time and without notice. You hereby agree to these terms. 

Codes of Conduct:


  • Songbird Road Studios reserves the right to refuse service to any client who is deemed malicious, reckless, unruly, and disrespectful, and may at its own discretion terminate service.

  • No illegal drugs, alcohol, or smoking substances are allowed on property. Also no food or under age children are allowed. No more than 4 people can be inside the studio to avoid increase transmission of COVID-19 virus. Also if are sick, please stay home. No pets or animals are allowed on the property.  

  • Sexual harassment and discrimination shall not be tolerated and will result in termination of service.

  • Clients shall be held responsible for any damage to property and will be charged for full replacement of any equipment or personal property that is misused or abused during, before, or after services are rendered. 

Payment Details:

  • All clients must pay the total amount due before service is rendered from Songbird Road Studios. Payments must fully clear, and process before products, services or songs are given to the client. 

  • All payments made to Songbird Road Studios are non transferable. If a credit is applied to a client and not fulfilled; that credit shall be lost. Credit owned by a client has a maturity period of 3 months. After, Songbird Road Studios has no obligation to fulfill services.  

  • If a deposit is made, it is the artist's obligation to pay all the remaining balance prior to receiving their music, beat, or any work done by Songbird Road Studios. No advances will be given!

Package Limitations: 


  • The amount of tracks a client can record are not unlimited. The limit of tracks per recording shall not exceed 32 tracks. Music producers will stop adding tracks at this point.

  • The time to complete each project shall not be unlimited, all projects shall not bear a time period to exceed 4 weeks per song, and 2 months per EP and not more than 3 months per Album.

  • Any project that exceeds this amount of time shall be considered out of contract and Songbird Road Studios may discontinue service at its own discretion. Also, a failure to communicate with a client within 14 days or in a timely manner will also result in discontinuing service. Failure to make full payment will also result in discontinuing service.

  • Revisions upon completed work are limited to the package and promotion details. Revisions are when the artist has received a full demo for its final review. If the artist does not like something in the mix, he/she has the opportunity to get a revision. 

  • Additional revisions may be purchased at cost to the client. Revisions are limited and cannot exceed 5 revisions per song. 



  • If a cancellation occurs, efforts will be made to reschedule with the client(s) Within a reasonable amount of time. All funds will remain with Songbird Road Studios and credit given to the client until a date can be set to assume work. 

  • Scheduling conflicts may arise and Songbird Road Studios does not guarantee nor warrants any spots regarding schedules. The studio may reschedule with clients without any approval from the client.

  • If an emergency arrives the studio will close, and proper rescheduling will be done. 


Promotional Use of Intellectual Property:

  • Songbird Road Studios maintains the right to use images and music obtained on its property to promote itself, including but not limited to sound recordings, video, photos and other forms of intellectual property for the use of but not limited to advertising, and marketing on all forms of media. By consenting to do business with Songbird Road Studios you agree to allow for the promotion of your songs and likeness on its social media platforms. Any lack to clarify this before assuming service will be considered consenting to all terms and conditions. 

Liabilities and Warranties:

  • While servicing clients on property of Songbird Road Studios, client waives his/her right to hold accountable the studio against any personal loss, property loss, injury, sickness, death, or any not yet named or thought of situation that might arise resulting in any loss, hurt, or harm of person(s) or property. (examples include but not limited to theft, sickness, falling, fire, etc. etc. etc.).

  • Clients cannot hold accountable any words spoken by Sound engineers, or music producers, that are not in accordance with these terms and conditions.

  • Songbird Road Studios does not promise nor certifies that any recording project will be exactly as desired by the client. Though efforts will be made to fully satisfy, it will not be held liable against any false or unrealistic expectations from clients. No refunds are available.

Dispute Resolutions:

  • Before any disputes reach the client hereby agrees that all attempts to resolve the issue between client and service provider shall be exhausted before attempting court intervention. Any lack of cooperation by the client to try to resolve matters professionally will be deemed out of breach of these terms and conditions. (lack of cooperation will be defined as not returning calls, emails, texts, or invites to in person meetings.)

  • If any disputes result in court procedures, the client agrees the location of the court will be in Nashville or the Studio owner’s current residence, and studio owners will be allowed a 2 year grace period prior to attending any court hearings.

  • Client agrees to assume full responsibility of notifying the studio of proper dates for courts and any negligence by client to not properly notify studio of dates, client agrees will dissolve any claims. 


Beat Licenses and Soundtracks:


All licensed music by Songbird Road Studios is subject to royalty collections from BMI and Sony Music Publishing.

In most cases  No collections of royalties will ever be made or need to be collected. But in case of a hit song this will be the rule. 

The royalty rate subject to each licensed song will be %50 of the songs earnings beyond 1 million streams or views.

At that point Songbird Road Studios will register its part of the ownership of the song with BMI and Sony Music Publishing in order to begin collecting royalties from the music created by Vherdey (Rudolph Peyrani) the music producer. All Royalties will be collected thru BMI and other agency's not yet named and each artist gives permission for a full audit of the songs earnings once per year. The Royalty rate is determined by the ownership of the music which is Songbird Road Studios, and makes up %50 of the ownership of each song. 

If the client has a desire to be the sole owner of any beat it will be negotiated in a case by case basis, and at a price that both will agree upon.

By starting service with us, you certify that you have read and understood all the terms and conditions listed above and agree to them. Songbird Road Studios may update its terms and conditions at any time and without notice. You hereby agree to these terms. 


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